Samedi 27
Janvier 2007

  • Salon Vidéo
Salon Mommen - rue de la charité 37 - Saint Josse
Salon Mommen - Rue de la charité 37 - Saint Josse
free entrance

Salon Vidéo d’Hiver


Les Salons Vidéos : a proposition in 4 acts on the medium of video organized by 68 Septante asbl and Troisième Étage.

with the video by Nicolas Boone, Inès Birkhan & Bertram Dhellemmes, Brice Dellsperger, Lise Duclaux, La galerie du cartable &Michel Aubry, Jacques-Louis & Danièle Nyst and Alex Pou.
installations by Nicolas Boone, L.L. de Mars, Jean-Marc Munerelle,
a video library with works by Stéphane Bellenger, Olivier Bosson, Djamila Daddi-Addoun & Flore Lagarde, Jérôme Giller, Jean-Marc Munerelle, Sophie Naumovits, Alice Retorré and Sandrine Vivier
a lecture-performance by Nicolas Boone

This second meeting explores, over two days, the uses of the narrative processes and questions the relationship between video and fiction.
The video makers use references and genres (quotation, remake, parody…) to invent, evaluate, and prolong discourse and to generate sensory displacement.
They transgress the conventional codes of storytelling.

INSTALLATIONS saturday and sunday

-  Video Library with the following works : Fin by Stéphane Bellenger - L’entretien à la machine by Olivier Bosson - Par la fenêtre by Djamila Daddi-Addoun & Flore Lagarde - La Sociale 1 and 2 by Jérôme Giller - Les éternels by Jean-Marc Munerelle - VT3 by Sophie Naumovits - La femme d’Auberive by Alice Retorré - La pomose d’adamour by Sandrine Vivier

-  Les éternels by Jean-Marc Munerelle - 2004
An interactive video installation which allows the viewer to choose
the structure and direction of the story.
In the presence of the author

-  Portail by Nicolas Boone - 2005 - interactive installation
A movie seeking a scenario.
At each viewing, the DVD player randomly selects a sequence of scenes : living dead progress from "portal to portal".
In the presence of the author

-  Remakes by L.L. de Mars - 2005 - work in progress
In the "Remakes" series, people choose and tell the stories of films
from the history of cinema.
They are shot on a single set in a kitchen.
The words of the narrator, his memory and that of the spectator remake the movie.

In the presence of the author + workshop remake

saturday’s SCREENINGS
- 4.30pm Screening #1
L’invisible by Alex Pou - 58’ - 2006 - ov fr
In the presence of the author.
Le Corbusier & Albrecht Dürer, dialogue fictif n°3 by La galerie du cartable & Michel Aubry - 34 ’ - 2005 - ov fr
Les Dialogues Fictifs (the Fictional Dialogues) stage conversations between dead people (celebrities from art history or cultural heroes) in their new daily lives as filmed men : here, Le Corbusier and Albrecht Dürer ; or how, Dürer, looking for a square carpet for five hundred years meets Le Corbusier to resolve the problem.
In the presence of Fabrice Cotinat

- 6.30pm Screening #2
La transhumance fantastique by Nicolas Boone - 55’ - 2006 - ov fr st en
In the presence of the author.

- 7.30pm Soup and toast (organic) - €3

- 9pm Screening vidéo #3
Body Double (X) de Brice Dellsperger - 102’ - 2000 - ov fr st en
This film is an integral remake of an Andrzej Zulawski’s film : L’important, c’est d’aimer.
The substitution principle is applied to the whole movie : constraints linked to the sets were conserved, only the sound track comes from the original.
Zulawski’s movie is dark : all the characters are looking for identity and recognition.
In Body Double (X), all the characters (main actors, seconds fiddles (or supporting actors) and extras) are personified in playback by Jean-Luc Verna.
By fragmenting all the identities in one character, the movie questions the identification and dissociation processes.

- 4pm Screening #4
Alpiner Exorzismus by Ines Birkhan & Bertram Dhellemmes - 61’ - 2004 - ov ger st en

- 17h15 Screening #5
Tes cheveux dans mes yeux by Lise Duclaux - 64’ - 2004

- 18h30 Screening #6 : Focus Jacques-Louis & Danièle Nyst
Aile-quatre-neige - 25’ - 1978 - ov fr
A very pretty fantasy by Jacques Louis Nyst, which shows the journey of a little handicapped star, from the fourth to the seventh season, and the surprising encounters that this odyssey portends.
Hyaloïde - 27’ - 1985 - ov fr
Hyaloid : having the transparency of glass.
What is so transparent is the borderline between the imaginary and the real. Danièle and Jacques-Louis Nyst offer us a series of doors, of openings in this wall which is nevertheless very hermetic.

A selection from the Jeunesse et Arts Plastiques asbl video catalogue

- 19h30 : Buffet - organic vegetarian meal - €5

- 21h00 Ciné-conférence by Nicolas Boone
Nicolas Boone will speak about his "cinema" with screenings, extracts from movies and cinematographic references. These screening will be cut with live interviews and public debate.

On this occasion, Nicolas Boone will distribute one of his shooting newspapers :“le rurbain libre”, an accessory of the film La Transhumance fantastique (screened on Saturday).

Salon Vidéo d’Hiver has received the support of the French speaking Community of Belgium (Visual Arts Department), the French Embassy and Ateliers Mommen asbl.
Thanks to all the participants, IF asbl, La pose longue asbl and Air de Paris.