Dimanche 29
Octobre 2006

  • Salon Vidéo
Salon Mommen - rue de la charité 37 - Saint Josse
Salon Mommen - Rue de la charité 37 - Saint Josse
15h - free entrance

Salon Vidéo d’Automne

Les Salons Vidéos : a proposition in 4 acts on the medium of video organized by 68 Septante asbl and Troisième Étage.

with Loic Connanski, Yan Duyvendak, Jeunesse & Arts Plastiques asbl, La Revue Eclair (Corine Miret & Stéphane Olry) and Navarro.

This first meeting questions televisual world : program contents and new social practice (zapping), treatlent and perception of information, media control and free Tvs and reappropriation of the TV set as space for a intimate diffusion. Complementarily, le Salon Vidéo visits the JAP catalogue.

- 3pm till 7.30pm : Installations
Oeil pour oeil of Yan Duyvendak - 2002

Six minutes of clicking through the television news of the month of September 2002, six minutes of talking heads projected onto the head of Yan Duyvendak, and Big Brother is not watching us - we are Big Brother as we watch. We see, eyes in eyes, the enemy we are to ourselves.

Café in progress of Loïc Connanski - 2006

On September 11th, 2001 thanks to a prodigious media buckle, the world enjoys in the terror of an excess of reality.
Everybody except a solitary city-dweller victim of a grave incapacity of reality. Parallel editing.

Les cartes postales vidéo de la Revue Eclair
Le voyage en Orient I et II - 1994 / 1995

From 1992 to 1999, Stéphane Orly and Corine Miret made more than 500 video postcards intended for people close to them and shot in various countries : Scotland, France, Belgium, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Cyprus, Libya, Syria, Turkey and Morocco.

The video postcards were then screened according to a preestablished rite : the spectator was welcomed by a host(ess) in the exhibition space converted into a little living room.
On the table, there was, according to the season, dry fruits, cookies and cold drinks.
Objects, related to the video postcards, or the people to whom the video postcards were addressed, were laid out, offering a new trip to the curious spectator.

Screening/installation of a video selection from the catalogue of Jeunesse & Arts Plastiques asbl :
Between the lines of Antoni Muntada - 25’ - 1979 - ov en
Suite 212 of Nam June Paik - 30’ - 1977 - ov en

- 7.30pm : Side Effects a performance of Yan Duyvendak - 60’
Channel surfing - an act which is usually profoundly solitary, almost masturbatory - here becomes collective. It is necessary that the audience cooperate in order to be able to hear the commentary from any one of the four monitors located throughout the space, each broadcasting a different TV show.
_ The performer - who provides the soundtrack for each of the shows - is thus “zapped” between channels according to the wishes of the audience. But this living soundtrack - which, early on, appears to obey - begins to play with the spectators. It gets confused, mixed up ; it begins to disaggregate. Through concentric circles, it brings us closer to our most intimate dramas, evoking in turn the solitude of the late-night TV viewer, our guilt as we impotently watch the terrible spectacle of the world, and our difficulty in living our own lives. This friction between intimacy, on the one hand, and depersonalized electronic images, on the other, calls into question our complicated existences and our personal fictions : How is it that the myths of TV swallow up our lives ? How does our personal mythology mix itself up with TV images ?

A performance conceived by Yan Duyvendak and Nicole Borgeat
Set-design vidéos : Nicole Henning, Berlin.
Set-design performance : Sylvie Kleiber, Geneva.
With the participation of : Petra Van Beukering, Tina Hoehne, Kathrin Rebsamen et Alexander Wenzel

Coproduction : La Bâtie-Festival de Genève, Loterie Romande, Pro-Helvetia – Arts Council of Switzerland, Centre pour l’Image Contemporaine (sgg*) saint gervais genève.
This work has been created in the course of the Studio Schönhauser, Berlin (fonds cantonal d’art contemporain, Genève).

- 20h30 : buffet - €5
Vegetarian meal with products of season stemming from the organic farming.

- 22h00 : L’Auto Média ou comment faire son propre média of Navarro
Documentary - 52’ - 2006 - ov fr

Route of Frédérick Navarro, young man in search of his own way in the French broadcasting scene.
We attend his broadcasting audiovisual technical do-it-yourself which allowed him the production and the distribution of the issues of an independent channel and in certain historic and social events of ten last ones year the witness of which it was.
In the presence of the director

The Salon Vidéo d’Automne have received the support of the French speaking Community of Belgium (Visual Arts Department), Ateliers Mommen asbl, Pro-Helvetia ; Swiss foundation for the culture, and Jeunesse & Arts Plastiques asbl.

avec le soutien de La Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, la Commission communautaire française et le Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel

design : Pierre Lecrenier - développement : tacticasbl