Vendredi 17
Décembre 2010

  • Sortie DVD
L’An Vert - 4 rue Mathieu Polain - Liège (Outremeuse)
L’An Vert - 4 rue Mathieu Polain - Liège (Outremeuse)
8 pm - €4

Riding Along + Solo Concerts

Here it is... the evening of Liège for the new DVD release Riding Along by Sébastien Demeffe.
The screening will take place in the presence of the director.
It will be preceded and followed by two solo concerts (guitar) by Sam Pierot and by Jean-Philippe Dauphin, two of the musicians who create the music of the film.

- Riding Along is a singular work, an experience of life as much as creation, halfway the documentary and halfway the experimental.
A first full-length film which joins in a home-made process of realization against the current of the standardization of the forms and the contents.
An atypical movie which reminds us that an "other" cinema exists and that this one deserves to be more widely supported.

- Following the example of the movie, the DVD publishing was conceived parts by parts, in Patate Edition’s studio in Liège by Denis Verkeyn.
_The quality of the object, its unique character, its limited edition, prolong and accompany the questionings of the movie around the artistic creation, the conditions of its emergence and its distribution.

- Sam Pierot is member of the band Coyotte since 2005. Their first album went out in 2007 on the independent label Le Beau label.
- Jean-Philippe Dauphin dedicates himself to the realization of movies, to the composition-interpretation for guitar, to the writing of aphorisms and poems in prose, and participates in diverse live performances.

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