Jeudi 6
Novembre 2008

  • Sortie DVD
  • Festival
Le frigo - site des abattoirs - 17 rue de la Trouille - Mons
Le frigo - site des abattoirs - 17 rue de la Trouille - Mons
6 pm - free entrance

Launch event of Prescription + AV lives at Transnumériques #3 in Mons

Within the framework of Transnumériques 3rd edition, we suggest you discovering our quite last DVD edition Prescription around the work of Christophe Bailleau in association with Julie Maréchal.
For this event, Christophe Bailleau also proposes us audiovisual live with one of his accomplices of set in the trumpet...
The occasion also to discover the live of Rafaël, with his special guest Ilan Katin.

From 6.30pm in the all, come and see our DVD editions and espacially the quite last one : Prescription 8 films en guérison.

Around 8pm audiovisual live by Christophe Bailleau :
Sensitive to the power of the photography, Christophe Bailleau records mainly in static shot, long sequences.
Every fragment can be so considered as a legible distinctive and singular segment for itself, as an isolated word, out of sentence.
Christophe Bailleau holds of the everyday life common moments, simple things, fleeting moments, tracks. He stages the space and the absence, the time passing.

Working from visual fragments extracted from some of his videos, he proposes here an unpublished editing. This visual composition is of use as guide to the electronic and acoustic musical environment, improvised live by this sound landscape painter.

9pm Live/Puzzle , AV live by Rafaël with the participation of Ilan Katin :

"Live, I re-build every time another story, with my images & sounds.
The principle is to improvise, with different narratives sounds and images pieces from my movies… It’s a kind of human "random" mode option into a live cinema thing…"
Ilan Katin Ilan Katin is an artist working in drawings, live video performance and animation. His work has been published in a variety of print and online publications. His video performances include numerous collaborations and locations in the United States and Europe.

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