Dimanche 21
Mars 2010

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Cercle des Cinés - 45 rue des wallons - Liège
Cercle des Cinés - 45 rue des wallons - Liège
from 4 pm - entrance €5 in the evening

Cercle Vidéo #2

Second collaboration with Le Cercle des Cinés around our project The Nomadic Video Library
This sunday we focuse on the multimedia work of Christophe Bailleau & Julie Maréchal.
We propose two audiovisual installations, one screening and an video concert powered by Christophe Bailleau & Gauthier Keyaerts aka The Aktivist.

> 4 to 8 pm
- The Nomadic Video Library "on demand".
The occasion to discover almost 300 films in our catalogue.

To watch the films you can use one of the four TV set available.
Some 68 Septante’s members are present to help you in your choice... giving informations about films and authors... also the catalogue will be available online.

- Installations by Christophe Bailleau & Julie Maréchal
Cosmos  :
Disturbing images, collection of diverse tracks, ghosts, due to the erosion, the forgetting, the abandonment, creating a universe is there ; almost invisible, worthless common objects but in the disturbing aesthetics. These images give us to rethink consequentive scales.

Utopies n°1  :
Light assemblies, made by reels of son(sons,thread), by medicines, by paper give to imagine at best imaginary cities, or worse of the arrangements for the uncertain reason.
But here the shape dominates the sense, the set wants glittering, from beyond the choices of material.

> 19h In a warmly ambiance come and taste some season soup with its toast.

> 20h30
- Nomadic Video Library screening with a focus on Christophe Bailleau and Julie Maréchal’s films.
After the screening talks with the authors.
Le va-et-vient
La perte
Nos restes

> 21h30
- Video concert performance by Christophe Bailleau & Gauthier Keyaerts : electronic and psychedelic improvisation.

les films diffusés :

  • A5
    Frédéric Lombard
    6’ • 2004 • Suisse, France
  • Perte (La)
    Christophe Bailleau
    4’ • 2005 - 2008 • Belgique
  • Durée déterminée
    Frédéric Lombard
    19’20 • 2005 • Suisse, France
  • Auto-pilot
    Charles Lum
    3’ • 2005 • Etats-Unis
  • Europa
    Ane Lan
    4’01 • 2004 • Norvège

avec le soutien de La Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, la Commission communautaire française et le Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel

design : Pierre Lecrenier - développement : tacticasbl