Mardi 3


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Brass - avenue Van Volxem 364 - Forest
7:30 pm - free entrance

Café Frima*s - Rencontres #1

On every tuesday, our guest(s) share their experience(s), speak to us about the everyday life of their job, their actions and better make us understand what sometimes hides behind the veil of our (un)knowledge...

L’argent, outil de soumission et d’émancipation.

Talks with Renaud Vivien from CADTM and Carole Obsomer from CREDAL

We water us every day with information concerning money. Some people say that it is the "crisis", that we would have too much spent, far too much money, that we are put into debt and that now, it is necessary to be "serious", "reasonable" ... and that it is necessary us to pay !
But to pay blindly, is this "serious" and "reasonable" ?
And if this money was of use to anything else ?

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